NEYFS: Creativity Project

This space will be a community-centered extension of NEYFS with an emphasis on food security, media development, continuing education, and building community. The new space will be a host site for large group classes that highlight nutrition education, skill development, and creative media projects. It will house a large, easily accessible food pantry in an area designated as a food desert in the 99202 zip code. The outdoor space will be a site for community events, garden education, film festivals, and additional passion projects to help youth discover creative outlets. NEYFS will provide a shuttle service between the 99202 and 99207 facilities, as well as to the surrounding residential neighborhoods and schools in the immediate area.

Increase Learning

Our goal is to boost learning beyond school, increasing high school graduation and enrollment in higher education. Success means more opportunities for stable, well-paying careers, & addressing challenges.

Food Security

Our objective for food security is to witness tangible improvements in access to nutritious food. Success is defined by a substantial increase in the availability of healthy foods, coupled with expanded opportunities for gardening, cooking, and nutrition education.

Building Community

Our vision for building community centers around fostering inclusivity and collaboration. To achieve this, we envision vibrant community multicultural events, film festivals, art galleries, and collaborative initiatives., and seasonal markets. 
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