Our History

February 2020

The Founding of NEYFS

"NEYFS was initially started to support youth in meeting their developmental milestones and succeed in school readiness.

What we found along the way is that there are so many factors

that play a role in a child's success. We adapted our model to support multiple generations and integrate nutrition and community building. We are focused on empowering families in the work they put into growing our future generations."‚Äč

Kaitlin Chapman, Founder & Board Member
June 2020

NEYFS Launches

After forming their board of directors NEYFS officially opened our doors in June of 2020 in the midst of the COVID lockdowns. Shortly after opening we began our coordinated care program(s). 
Q1 2022

Resource Closets Opened

In early 2022 we officially launched out resources services including our clothing closet, hygiene closet, and food pantry. These services were launched free and accessible to anyone that needs them and are still open and utilized today.
June 2022

First Annual Spring Market

July 2022

Creativity Project Begins

In July 2022 the Creativity Project begin coming to life when the building on Mission was officially under contract with NEYFS.
September 2022

Expanding Leadership

NEYFS Board of Directors increased to 12 members.

Deidra Hakala announced as Executive Director.

Elaina Sicilia announced as Assistant Director.
October 2022

1st Annual NEYFS Masquerade Fundraiser

Q1 2023

Adding Resources

In Q1 of 2023 we expanded on our resources to add a second food pantry at our Creativity Project location on East Mission as well as opening our tech hall which includes free use of our podcast studio, computer lab, and tech equipment for middle school and high school students.
Q2 2023

Exciting Firsts!

In June of 2023 we launched our first youth summer program which introduced kids to various STEM and Art projects by experts in their fields! We also held our first Coordinated Care Event in July of 2023 in our almost-finished Creativity Project location on East Mission.
??? 2023

Creativity Project Opens

Coming soon!

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